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Helen J Stewart Vision Statement

Helen J. Stewart School embraces the vision that all students can develop the skills necessary to become participating members of their communities.

Helen J Stewart Mission Statement

Helen J. Stewart School provides students with learning activities to develop daily living, vocational, communication, social, and functional academic skills. We believe the use of a comprehensive Community-Based-Instruction program is essential to the generalization of these skills.

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Upcoming Events

Friday, April 26 - No School for Students
Second Contingency Day (if needed)

Wednesday, May 15 - Stewart Commencement Ceremony - 5:30PM

Monday, May 20 - Last Day Of School Year

Tuesday, May 14 - SOT Meeting - 6:30AM

We are hiring for the following positions:

  • ·         Autism Teacher

  • ·         Specialized Programs Teacher Assistant III

Helen J. Stewart is a special school that exclusively serves students with disabilities located near Flamingo & Eastern (2375 E. Viking Rd.).  We have about 20 total classrooms and roughly 140 students.  Most of our students are non-verbal, and we have classrooms ranging from elementary to post-secondary.  Daily specials include Art, Adaptive PE, and Music.  Some of the things that make our school different include:


A strong sense of community and support where the self-contained classrooms are fewer and more isolated.  Since every classroom is serving special needs students, the entire school is better geared toward addressing the unique challenges associated with that population.  Everyone on-site from administrators to custodial staff better understands working and interacting with special needs students. 


On-site staff dedicated to classroom support for assistive technology/communication, behavior, speech/language, and OT/PT.   

Support staff work is based on a 7-hour day, which means an extra hour of pay compared to many of the district’s positions.


SPTA’s have the opportunity to earn extra income by becoming bus aides.

Each classroom has a teacher and two SPTA’s.


We have a large enclosed outdoor area with a walking track and playground equipment, including separate areas for younger and older students.  We also have an indoor swimming pool, daily living skills room, and reinforcement/curriculum/assistive technology library.

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About Our School


Helen J. Stewart is a distinguished special education school dedicated to serving students with significantintellectual disabilities and secondary disabilities, aged 6-22, drawing attendees from across Clark County. Our
school focuses on providing specialized instruction in daily living, functional academics, vocational training,communication, behavioral support, and transitional skills.

Each student at Helen J. Stewart has an Individual Education Plan (IEP), ensuring tailored educational strategies. We have 22 classrooms, along with specialists in music, art, transition services, and adaptive
physical education. Our team includes speech therapists, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist, all collaborating to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Situated within a spacious facility, Helen J. Stewart features a sensory room, a daily living skills room, and a greenhouse. These facilities play a crucial role in enriching student-learning experiences and fostering the development of life-long skills and interests that can be applied within their community.

Embracing technological advancements, Helen J. Stewart integrates the latest tools to support students in English/language arts, mathematics, and science, as well as communication, self-help, and life skills. The use
of technology is personalized, ensuring that each student receives individualized attention and support to
maximize their learning potential.

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