Helen J. Stewart Vision Statement

Helen J. Stewart School embraces the vision that all students can develop the skills necessary to become participating members of their communities.


Helen J. Stewart Mission Statement
Helen J. Stewart Mission Statement

Helen J. Stewart School provides students with learning activities to develop daily living, vocational, communication, social, and functional academic skills. We believe the use of a comprehensive Community-Based-Instruction program is essential to the generalization of these skills.


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May 11th - SOT Meeting 6:45AM

May 12th - Commencement Ceremony 7PM

Class of 2021

May 19th - Commencement Ceremony 7PM

Class of 2020

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• Attention Families •
Click HERE to see the Parent & Guardian flyers from FACES (Family and Community Engagement Services) and complete the survey in order to seek input from families on upcoming online/virtual content.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Student medications maintained in the school Health Office are not required to be picked up during this closure. If you do need to pick up your child's medication, please call the office to make arrangements for a pick up time. If you do not get an answer in the office, you can email Mrs. Palmer Jackson at: jackspd1@nv.ccsd.net

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