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Gordie Hill

Gordon J. Hill created the Glenn A. Hill Memorial.  Through the memorial, Mr. Hill raises approximately $25k a year that goes directly to meet the needs of students with significant disabilities served at Helen J. Stewart School.  The Hill family holds an annual tri-tip cook off as well as a golf tournament, bringing in players from coast to coast.

These funds benefit every student at HJS!  Through these fundraising efforts and direct donations, our students are provided full graduation ceremonies, homecoming activities, proms, and holiday gifts that would not be available otherwise.  

Gordie is a visible figure on our campus.  We are grateful to Gordie and the entire Hill family for this partnership spanning over 30 years.


Kasner Family Foundation

Bob and Alison Kasner created the Kasner Family Foundation.  The Kasner's generously donate several thousand dollars directly to Helen J. Stewart School annually for Community-Based Instruction activities.  CBI is an instructional method that promotes teaching and the use of functional skills in the student's natural environment.  

These funds benefit every student at HJS!  Through this donation, our students can demonstrate generalized communication, functional academic, daily living, and social emotional skills.  

Alison, who was the third principal at HJS, is still a visible figure on our campus.  We are grateful to Bob and Alison Kasner for this ongoing partnership.

Thank You To Our Additional Sponsors

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